Jan 16, 2010

The red rice cooker -Rinsung KIM 2007-

제목 : 빨간밥통
내용 : 빨간밥통에 밥을 해 드시는 할머니 하루종일 밥이 안된다고 푸념이시다. 결국 취사버튼이 안눌러있는 확인하는데...
출품자 : 김린성

title- the red rice cooker

story- she always complains that her rice cooker does not work. she even says that she would better die because she can not really cook the rice. she complains about all the things from her red rice cooker. but, in the end I found that she has never push the switch button on in her rice cooker......

by Rinsung KIM (a documentary photographer and videographer, and my private hair dresser also)

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