Nov 5, 2009

A postcard from Eva

Eva, who has  perfect body & soul, I meet her in the Lake Bayur (West Sumatra) last year. When the first time we meet, we were the only swimmers in that morning.  Have you ever swam in the lake? If no, you have to try. It's totally different with ocean and river. What I've got impressed most was, "the soundless". It was so quiet, so you only can hear the sound of your moving arms, legs... hairs... And I could feel that all the sounds through my ears were coming into my body like electrical powers! Floating on the lake makes you feel like a dream-walker, no, dream-swimmer actually.

"Hi, nice to meet you, my name is MaYa"
"Maya??? What a beautiful name?! I LOVE YOUR NAME MAYA! My name is Eva"
"Eva??? What a beautiful name too?! I LOVE YOUR NAME EVA!, really nice to meet you"

That was how we have met each others for the rest of our lives. Since that, she sends me a post card or letters from every place where she goes. Once from Mexico, many times from Belgium, and the postcard arrived in this evening with full of good smells from India too. Thank you Eva, Even though I knew you will never find this blog!++A small conversation or little attention about strangers surrounding you could change your life in very "fish" way ◆

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